It all started a couple of years ago with Nabil Mallat. Back when he was still a shoe salesman, his life took a huge turn when he got casted for the leading role in Image (2014), the first feature film by promising directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall FallahAfter this amazing experience Nabil felt that if he could do this, others can do this as well. This positive attitude inspired him and his good friend Chafic Amraoui, who’s as adventurous as Nabil, to gather up all their boldness and bravery and together found a casting agency. They wouldn 't only live by seizing the day, but also by seizing potential talent from the street, thus Hakuna casting was born. 

Nabil and Chafic want to bring diversity and color into commercials, videoclips and films. The first time they got the opportunity to put their concept to the test was for Black (2015) the newest film of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The filmmakers wanted to feel the roughness of the street within the cast to give an extra punch to their story of rivalry between young gangs. So Nabil and Chafic spoke to hundreds of people on the street and approximately 450 of them were asked to audition, ultimately leaving El Arbi and Fallah with an unique and authentic cast. Nabil and Chafic are convinced there are still lots of undiscovered talents walking among us, the ones they call ‚rough diamonds’. „All those time we stood in front of the mirror and said to ourselves ‚Are you talking to me?’, that was never about being ambitious to act, that was about acting out. We’re looking for people who can be crazy and fun and aren’t scared to be theirselves. We can all be actors, you just have to have the guts for it!”